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Every now and then, someone tells me PPC doesn’t work; with that in mind, here’re 3 things to think about
Here’s 3 things to consider before engaging in any paid search campaign whether it’s traditional text ads of PPC, display advertising, or social media advertising.

1. Check Your Sales Process

Occasionally, I meet someone who tells me that PPC doesn’t work. When I ask why, they respond that all the leads they received through their last PPC campaign were crap. Okay…I say and let it hang in the air.

So, quick process check: you’re receiving leads. Okay, so if you’re receiving leads, then something is working right? Yes? In this case, the PPC is working correctly. But – you’re not making sales. At this point, I recommend checking your sales process. Once a lead lands in your inbox or walks in your business’ front door, the marketing has done its job and that lead has transitioned from your marketing funnel into your sales funnel.

2. PPC Can Be Expensive

If you’re getting leads but not making sales, PPC gets expensive.

Another way for PPC to become expensive is target the wrong audience. Generally speaking, the folks clicking on PPC ads are in a shorter buying window than the folks who are researching to buy via SEO. While there is overlap between the PPC and SEO audiences, the two are totally different animals and need to be treated as such.

Don’t just understand your products and services, understand why someone would need your product or service in the next 7 – 10 days for PPC purposes and note the differences for someone who needs it farther down the road SEO style.

3. Have the Right Infrastructure in Place

Another thing to keep in mind for your next PPC campaign is to have the right infrastructure in place to support what you’re doing. In this case, have a landing page dedicated to the product or service you’re promoting through PPC. Invariably, you can go to Google right now find a PPC ad to click on and be taken to a website with some many distractions you forgot what ad you clicked on and why you are visiting the site to begin with. Don’t be like that. Keep your landing page, contact forms and supporting content and media focused on the sole product or service you’re promoting.

In this case, limit the number of links off the landing page, (ideally) use only one Call-to-Action (CTA), and only ask for the absolute minimum amount of information necessary on your contact forms for something to be a qualified lead. In short, keep your PPC visitor on task and on target for what you want them to do.

In closing, do these three things:

  • Fix your sales process if you’re getting leads but not making sales from your PPC campaign
  • Target the right audience with the right tool–your SEO and PPC audiences have overlap but they’re not the same
  • Keep your landing pages focused on the one product or service, (ideally) with only one CTA, and without any outgoing links or other distractions to take your visitors off target

Do these three things and your PPC efforts will reward you for it.
Author’s Note: I originally published this in May 2016 at  http://www.wsidigitalsphere.com/our-blog-old/3-things-to-consider-before-engaging-in-ppc but moved it here to accompany my new blog and content.

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