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Just wanted to write a testimonial on Bret’s (Someday) Famous BBQ sauce. We were in Georgia and found these two jars of BBQ sauce. One was the original and one the mustard sauce which was made by Bret. We are still not sure how the sauce got to Georgia because Bret does not make it there but we brought it home and loved these sauces. When we ran out of the sauce, we wanted to order more but I had thrown the jar in the garbage. We loved the BBQ sauce so much, I dug the jar out of the garbage and called the number that was on the jar. We were able to talk to the owner, Bret, and order a case of the sauce. Bret was nice enough to deliver it right to our door. It was a pleasure to meet Bret and we will be calling him again when we run out of this great sauce. We ordered 6 original and 6 mustard. Best BBQ sauce we have had so far!!!!!!

The Jeters

Tampa, FL, Cool Aid A/C Service Corporation

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